Lattices-Decorative louvres
Extruded aluminium louvres designed for external and internal building finishing and looking for light and visibility control but always at the same time allowing for ventilation from one side to the other in the installation.
Ideal for courtyards, wall finishing, habitually used spaces etc.

Categories achieved at test centre

Wind loading resistance
(EN 13659:2004)
Lattice: CLASS 6 (max)
Mini-lattice: CLASS 5
Tubular louvres: CLASS 6 (max)
Tests carried out according to UNE 1932:2001 norm
Test reference:
Lattice 2 m.
Mini-lattice 1.3 m.
Tubular louvres 1.3 m. 


Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Louvre types

Decorative lattices
Tubular louvres
Decorative louvres
Façade covering louvres:
-Square ondulated

Maximum reccomended length

Lattices 2.0 m.
Decorative lattices 1.5 m.
Mini-lattices 1.3 m.
Tubular louvres 2.0 m.
Decorative louvres 
6.5 m.
* Depending on project specifications, it is possible to reach a longer louvrelength (please consult)

Visibility coefficient

Lattices 71% - 55º
Decorative lattices 56% - 50º
Mini-lattices 55% - 45º
Tubular louvres 76% - 90º
Decorative louvres 86% - 90º