Solar protection: Louvres
A solar protection system for façades. This system of extruded aluminium louvres allows the light to be regulated and achieves notable savings in interior refridgeration due to the creation of shaded zones that reduce the need for energy in those areas.
In order to cover a variety of requirements, there are louvres of distinct dimensions that can adapt to all types of project.
This is a system with 2 louvre types: fixed and adjustable.  The first type presents regulating possibilities in gradient with angles of 0º, 15º, 30º & 45º. The adjustable louvres also have an option to be motorized and as an option the regulating mechanism can be hidden which then allows the possibility of having an aesthetically pleasing clear façade. 
The Louvre that is used is shaped elliptically and can be placed vertically or horizontally. This individual elliptical shape not only allows that the less beneficial effects of solar light are avoided but also works as a decorative architectonical element.  This solar protection system is particularly adequate for areas of great dimensions such as façades or curtain walls.

Categories achieved at test centre

Wind loading resistance
(EN 13659:2004): CLASS 6 (max)

Test carried out according
UNE 1932:2001

Reference test:
Louvres 120 mm.:  1,8 m.
Louvres 145 mm.: 2,0 m.
Louvres 190 mm.: 2,5 m.L
ouvres 250 mm.: 3,0 m.
Louvres 300 mm.: 3,5 m.
Louvres 400 mm.: 4,2 m.


Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Louvre types

Regulated at  0°, 15°, 30° or 45°
Adjustable with motor

Louvre sizes

Louvre sizes :
- 120 mm.
- 145 mm.
- 190 mm.
- 250 mm.
- 300 mm.
- 400 mm.

Maximum reccomended length

Louvre 120 mm.
Fixed louvres 1,8 m.

Louvre 145 mm.
Fixed louvres 2,0 m.
Adjustable louvres 1,9 m.Louvre 190 mm.

Fixed louvres 2,5 m.
Lamas móviles 2,4 m.

Louvre 250 mm.
Lamas fijas 3,0 m.
Adjustable louvres 3,0 m.

Louvre 300 mm.
Fixed louvres 3,5 m.
Adjustable louvres 3,4 m.

Lamas 400 mm.
Fixed louvres 4,2 m.
Adjustable louvres 4,0 m.

* Depending on project specifications,it is possible to reach a longer louvrelength  (please consult)

Profile thicknesses

Lamas 120 mm.: 1,75 mm.

Lamas 145 mm.: 1,80 mm.

Louvres 190 mm.: 2,50 mm.

Louvres 250 mm.: 2,75 mm.

Louvres 300 mm.: 3,45 mm.

Louvres 400 mm.: 3,80 mm.