Sliding Roof System
A sliding and automatic adjustable roof system designed to provide maximum comfort and well being, and a combination of style, robustness, convenience and features.
This type of finishing allows that the dwelling is enjoyed to its maximum  in whatever season of the year.
With great 24 mm glazing capacity it allows for the integration of high resistance glazing luminousity in order to avoid the greenhouse effect and glazing capable of guaranteeing maximum  accoustic insulation in the interior.
With a maximum opening of 66% of the surface area, this system provides ventilation and a total entry of light from above.
It has all types of complementary profiles to facilitate water collection and drainage that guarantee total water tightness with respect to rain.

Opening possibilities

2 sash 1 fix module and multiple falls

Sections / Profile thickness


Frame 133 mm.
Sash 28 mm.

Sash 1,5 mm.

Maximum dimensions / Maximum weight


Width (L)= 2.300 mm.
(polycarbonate and panel sandwich)
1.200 mm. (glass)

Height(H)= 1.600 mm.

Maximum weight / sash  75 Kg.


Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Categories achieved at test centre

Non flood covered area watertightness

Class  APT

During the 6 hr. test, end of test
and 24 hrs. following the same, no drips
or humidity were detected in the
enclosed area.

Test reference: 4300 x 41600 mm in 3
adjustable rows, 9 sashes
and 4/12/4+4 glass

Pending / Light coverage

Profiles prepared for an
inclination of 8,5° (15%)

Maximum light coverage:
4.800 mm.

Minimum light coverage:
3.100 mm.

Light width:
Unlimited when joining modules

Glazing possibilities

- 25 mm cellular polycarbonate.
- 24 mm panel sandwich.
- 24 mm glass. (4 tempered/ 12 /4+4)