Classic Balustrade System
A balustrading system that allows for the contemplation of all types of solutions thanks to an extensive range of accessories that complement the system.
Possibility of fixing to wrought iron work or to the edge of the iron work.

Categories achieved at test centre

Tests according to UNE 85.237-1991 norms
UNE 85.238-1991 & UNE 85.240-1990

(EN 85.240:1990): Class A- EXCELLENT
1-Static horizontal test towards the exterior
2-Static horizontal test towards the interior
3-Static vertical test
4-Dynamic test with mild object
5-Dynamic test with hard object
6-Security test

Reference test on the balustrading with glassat total height
1.100 mm.(H) x 2.450 mm.(L) and 3 pilasters.
Reference test on the balustrading with topfree edge bar of
1100 mm (H) x 2000 mm (L) and 3 pilasters


Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating


Square - 60 mm. width
Circular - 66 mm. diameter
Elliptical - 80 mm. external  perimeter

Handrail possibilities

Glass Balustrading
Glass Balustrading with free top edge
Bar Balustrading
Bar Balustrading with top edge

Maximum dimension

1.000 mm.

Minimum height

900 mm.