Cor-Galicia Premium aluminium timber System with thermal break
A development of the Cor Galicia Premium series which is a mixed composite system comprising of aluminium and timber with thermal break and has a 66.4 mm frame depth which maintains the use of standard hardware and offers the possibility of triple adjustment and front fixing.
It has a similar shape but with an improved thermal and acoustic performance over the previous system version and is about a more economic window to fabricate by simplifying this phase and reducing the necessary manufacturing time by between 15 to 20%.
It is made up of external aluminium profiles that are assembled with 14.6 & 16 mm polyamide strips that make up the thermal breaking zone and improves notably its thermal insulation and being able to reach minimum transmission values of 1.1 (W/m²K).
The joining of the external aluminium frames and the internal timber mouldings can be carried out in two ways: by fixing independently with clips (this allows for the substitution of the mouldings and the possibility of other timber treatments that are different to those normally supplied) and by way of assembly using an EPDM gasket. In both cases, this assembly ensures a perfect absorption of the different material expansions.

Accoustic insulation

Maximum glazing:
40 mm. (sash)
30 mm. (fixed light)
Maximum accoustic insulation Rw=40 dB


Uw from 1,1 (W/m²K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glass

Opening possibilities

Open In:
Practicable, turn-tilt, hinged.

Sections / Profile thickness

· Frame – 66,4 mm.
· Sash – 85,3 mm.
Window 1,5 mm.
Door 1,6 mm.

Maximum dimensions / Maximum weight

Width(L)= 1.400 mm.
Height(H)= 2.400 mm.
*Single sash window, turn-tilt
Maximum weight/sash 100 Kg.

Please consult regarding maximum weightand dimensions for other opening types

Categories achieved at test centre

Air permeability (EN 12207:2000):

Water tightness (EN 12208:2000):

Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000):

Reference test 1,23x1,48 m., 2 sashes.


Possibility of dual colour
Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Interior timber:
American Oak, Sapelly, Mellis Pine and other timberoptions available on order
(all of which are treated with an ecological varnishthat is without dissolvent and is satin andtransparent).